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Functioning Arm of the Ministry

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Includes the Instruments of Praise, Mass Choir, Teen Ministry Choir, and Special Groups. The Music Ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during normal and special programs. It’s purpose is to prepare the atmosphere for the ministration of God’s Word and the manifestation of God’s power

Music Ministry

Greets incoming members and visitors to CREATIVE WORD CHAPEL, and directs foot traffic in and out of the sanctuary. Responsible for ensuring order in the sanctuary. Responsible for directing the collection of tithes and offerings during the service, assist in serving communion, and also helps to keep the church tidy as occasion arises.

Ushering ministry

Responsible to make sure that the needs of the members and visitors are identified and addressed. They are also to extend practical love to the community by providing food and shelter for those in need.

Welfare ministry

Handles production, duplication, editing, and sale of tapes, Audio & Video

Tape ministry

Responsible for selling ministry-related Bible materials, bibles study guides, and other products for spiritual growth and edification.

Bookstore/Resource ministry

Responsible for watching over the church in intercessory and warfare prayers.

Intercessory ministry

Responsible for getting in touch with all the members by regular telephone calls and (or) visitation.

Interaction ministry

Designed to meet the needs of the membership by providing transportation for those who would not otherwise be able to attend church services. Also responsible for transporting various groups and ministries when the need requires.

Transportation ministry

Handles the operation and maintenance of video and audio equipment. Available to assist during special programs and outreaches as well.

Technical assistance ministry

Winning souls for Christ is the mission of this ministry. The activities of this group include door-to-door evangelism, handing tracts on busy streets and stores, and arranging special evangelistic campaigns.

Soul winning ministry

Responsible for the production of ministry materials and ensuring proper publicity of our programs.

Publicity & Publication ministry

Provides group sessions assistance to substance abusers, homeless and those who need restoration to wholeness, Substance abuse, Homeless, Homosexuals etc

Restoration ministry

Shares the Word of God with all hospitalized members and also use the privilege to minister the gospel to the sick.

Hospital ministry

Takes care of guest ministers, decorates the sanctuary on special occasion and also takes care of guest services.

Protocol Ministry

This is a ministry arm of the church responsible for the training, raising, equipping and bringing up leaders, pastors, workers and champions of our generation.

Institute of Uncommon Leaders


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