Killing Ignorance of the people through the creative word of God

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creative word chapel international

Welcome to Creative Word Chapel (Possibility Arena), a place where all impossibilities become reality; where all things are possible to those who believe. A place saddled with the responsibility of killing ignorance through creative Word of God. Creative Word Chapel is a church with a mandate to equip the saints to invade the marketplace and nations by teaching and enforcing the principles of the kingdom in an overt and covert way. It is our desire that everyone will discover, develop and deploy their God-given purpose to make a significant impact in this generation. Join us and you will never be the same again. We hope this site will bless you in a significant way.

Bishop a. Kayode

Lead Pastor

creative word chapel international

Engaging God's word
through faith.

Our Purpose

“Killing Ignorance of the people through the creative word of God by preaching the Word of God to them; bring them into membership of God’s family; teach the Word of God to enhance freedom, promote Christian maturity and bind the people to God for service, And to live the word of God to demonstrate the new life in Christ to the World, and ensure the security of the believer”


And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Genesis 1:3

Creative Word Chapel International


Outreach: To communicate God’s word and bring people into the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt.28:18-20; Mk.16:15).
Worship: To live in the light of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s presence in singing, praying, giving, hearing and sharing the Word of God together as believers (John 4:23-24; 1Cor.14:26).
Fellowship: To care for one another as a member of the family of God (Eph.2:19; Eph.6:2,3,10; James 5:16).
Discipleship: To educate God’s people to know their positions and privileges in God and thereby grow into maturity/perfection (Eph.3:11-16).
Service: To demonstrate God’s love by serving others (Rom.12:6-8; Gal.5:13).

Unleash the Power Within

Empower your mind with Powerful Sermons from the Ministry

creative word chapel international


Functioning Arm of the Ministry

Includes the Instruments of Praise, Mass Choir, Teen Ministry Choir, and Special Groups. The Music Ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during normal and special programs. It’s purpose is to prepare the atmosphere for the ministration of God’s Word and the manifestation of God’s power

Music Ministry

Greets incoming members and visitors to CREATIVE WORD CHAPEL, and directs foot traffic in and out of the sanctuary. Responsible for ensuring order in the sanctuary. Responsible for directing the collection of tithes and offerings during the service, assist in serving communion, and also helps to keep the church tidy as occasion arises.

Ushering ministry

Responsible to make sure that the needs of the members and visitors are identified and addressed. They are also to extend practical love to the community by providing food and shelter for those in need.

Welfare ministry

creative word chapel international


“Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa.”

Emma Johanson

Actress & TV Host

“Sem mi abdicationis quae ipsum sint dolor eodem sit cvictiones emolumentum necessaria adulterium, clari nec vestram, error enim.”

Mårten Lindberg

Integration Strategist

“Per te antichristus cras lacus odit morbi error sit resipiscet interregnum praevenire potissimum, animi rem utraque, donec quia.”

Adela Fransson

Research Assistant

creative word chapel international

Power Packed Meetings

We would love to see you worship with us at any of our Branches. God bless you as you attend.

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Hour of Power




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